On Your Knees – Esoterotic Musings


A mixed koan:  What is the sound of one crop slapping an insolent gagged sub if there is no one to hear it?

Never top from the bottom!”

“Listen and obey!”

“Don’t tell me NO!”

“On your knees.  NOW!

“Mind your Ps & Qs young man or you’ll be over my knee with your pants at your ankles!”

“Be here NOW!”

The last quote isn’t exactly what I would say, but what I do definitely has the effect of bringing a submissive into the immediate present. It is difficult to make a to do list, consider emails that need answering, movies that you want to watch, bills that need to be paid, tasks that must be tended to at work the next day, when one is in the thick of a BDSM scene.

If the Domme is good, the sub is focused on her 100% of the time. Whether it is out of delight or apprehension, the submissive should be hanging on the Domme’s every word, as perfect obedience has its rewards and disobedience has its punishments.

The Domme should keep the sub on their toes. Keeping things a little unpredictable increases the excitement and if you throw in a little humor your sub will adore you that much more.


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